‘Digital marketing’ is a much, much bigger beast than the marketing industry alone. 

Just by looking at the spread of stories we cover on the blog, you can see that there’s a multitude of influences that change how brands talk, act and sell – but also think.

In the same light, the team here draws inspiration from many different places.

We’ve decided to share with you what’s caught our eye this week; what we’ve tweeted, posted, passed around the office and shaken our heads at.

Google, what were you thinking?

Stefan Magdalinski’s damning report on
suspicions that Google’s GKBO has been systematically accessing Mocality’s database
and attempting to sell a competing product to our business owners, on the company’s blog.

Originally posted 13-Jan-12

It’s time to ditch the booth babes

Wired’s Olivia Solon discusses the
oh-so-depressing ‘booth babe’ issue.

Originally posted 13-Jan-12

It’s over: American English has won

Speed’s Steve Earl mourns the loss of
Waterstones apostrophe, on the agency’s blog.

Originally posted 12-Jan-12

Wonga.com are lying about student loans

Tim Ireland refutes Wonga’s claims they they’re
not targeting students, on his blog, Bloggerheads.

Originally posted 12-Jan-12

IBM’s content curation has supercharged its

Mark Ragan posts a short video on HR
Communication that explains how IBM’s intranet has become a force to reckon with. Hat-tip to Antony Mayfield for flagging this one.

Originally posted 12-Jan-12

Michael Gove to scrap ‘boring’ IT lessons

Schools are to be given freedom to run cutting-edge
computer classes under plans for open source curriculum, by Jeevan Vasagar on
the Guardian.

Originally posted 11-Jan-12

Shazam Could Replace The QR Code

Cory O’Brien discusses Shazam’s potential on The
Future of Ads.

Oriinally posted 11-Jan-12

Fotoshop by Adobé

Videographer Jesse Rosten pokes fun at society’s
standard of beauty on his blog.

Originally posted 9-Jan-12

Everything you wanted to know about mobile
networks but were afraid to ask

A resurfaced post from late last year, in which Steve Kennedy explores the real reason we’re
asked to turn off our phones on airplanes for Mobile Industry Review

Originally posted 30-Dec-11

Why ‘Ok’ Buttons in Dialog Boxes Work Best on
the Right

Another post getting passed around the web again, this time it’s an exploration of the usability of ‘Ok’ buttons
from Anthony Tseng on UXMovement.

Originally posted 25-May -11