Here are the stories and links we’ve tweeted, posted, passed around the UK office and shaken our heads at.

Check back later to get the skinny on what our US team has been reading too.

WPP Does $200 Million U-Turn On Facebook

WPP CEO Martin Sorrell has done an about-face on social media.

Originally published: 28-Mar-12

Blackberry-maker RIM plans new focus amid $125m loss

RIM announces terrible financial results while admitting that it plans to retract from the consumer market to focus on corporate accounts.

Originally published: 28-Mar-12

UX Killed Usability

Craig Tomlin discusses user experience and its affect on actual usability.

Originally published: 28-Mar-12

Can User Experience Be Beautiful? An Analysis Of Navigation In Portfolio Websites

Justin Misfud analyses the navigation elements of a particular category of websites, i.e. portfolios.

Originally published: 26-Mar-12

Grill’d boss: Mumbrella took us out of context. When we said we were banning blogging, tweeting and Facebook, and putting up posters saying we were banning blogging, tweeting and Facebook, we never meant that we were banning blogging, tweeting and Facebook

Yes, that’s the actual headline. Mumbrella’s coverage of Grill’d’s strange new ad campaign gets ugly.

Originally published: 26-Mar-12

BBC News on mobile: site refresh

BBC News mobile product manager Kate Milner discusses the relaunch of the BBC News mobile website for audiences in the UK and around the world.

Originally published: 27-Mar-12

Another one for the ‘Plain dumb marketing’ files: Belvedere Vodka’s apology leaves a bad taste

SMI sums up Belvedere’s rather unbelievable ad mishap.

Originally published: 26-Mar-12

I Won The Windows Phone Challenge, But Lost “Just Because”

Tech writer takes on Microsoft, and loses.

Originally published: 25-Mar-12

Facebook says it may launch legal action against employers who ask for user passwords

The Next Web highlights Facebook’s initial reaction to news that some employers might be requesting employee’s passwords.

Originally published: 23-Mar-12

Dr. Seuss: Before He Drew Great Children’s Illustrations, He Drew Great Ads

A beautiful collection of the Doc’s ad work.

Originally published: 20-Mar-12