Here are the stories and links we’ve tweeted, posted, passed around the UK office and shaken our heads at.

Check back later to get the skinny on what our US team has been reading too.

Men Not Allowed: The First Ever Female Social Network

Belinda Parmar’s delicate dissection of ‘women only’ social network Luluvise.

Originally posted 26-Jan-12

Europe proposes a ‘right to be forgotten’

Arstechnica discusses the EU’s reform of the EU’s data protection rules.

Originally posted 26-Jan-12

Observations on #savetheintern

Tom Watson responses very well to that awkward intern ‘issue’

Originally posted 26-Jan-12

Stunt of the day

Recently discovered by @lakey, this is a Tumblr from the folks at Taylor Herring showcasing marketing & communications stunts daily.

Originally posted (well, discovered) 25-Jan-12

WSJ: Federal Prisoner Helped U.S. Sting Against Google’s Pharmacy Ads

Search Engine Land’s summary of Google’s trouble as a result of a con artist sting

Originally posted 25-Jan-12

Larry Page to Googlers: If You Don’t Get SPYW, Work Somewhere Else

Sarah Lacy covers mumblings of discourse from Google employees regarding Search, plus Your World

Originally posted 24-Jan-12

Five Macro Trends at Work in 2012

Anthem Worldwide’s VP of brand strategy writes a great overview on 

Originally posted 23-Jan-12

Tony Hsieh’s new $350 million startup

Fortune looks at the Zappos’ founder’s new business that plans to rebuild downtown Las Vegas.

Originally posted 23-Jan-12

SoundCloud Hits 10 Million Users, Launches Instagram Storytelling Mashup

Soundcloud ties up with Instagram to launch a beautiful new app while celebrating continued growth.

Originally posted 23-Jan-12

#McFail: McDonald’s Loses Control Of Hashtag

A good summary of McDonald’s minor Twitter crisis last week

Originally posted 20-Jan-12