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It’s not a secret. We do monetize social discovery, and it’s great.

Skimlinks’ founder Alicia Navarro responds to the news that Pinterest has been ‘secretly’ monetising its links with her company’s technology.

Original posted 8-Feb-12

An open letter to Havas CEO David Jones

Todd Defren questions Jones on the lack of consequence for Apple following the news that iPhone manufacturers in China might not be treating their staff too well.

Originally posted 8-Feb-12

McCain Foods: Potato Scented Bus Stops

Coverage of McCain’s ‘scented’ bus stops that were created to launch its news jacket potato product.

Originally posted 7-Feb-12

Yelp advertising is a rip-off for small advertisers

VentureBeat lays into the cost of Yelp advertising.

Originally posted 6-Feb-12

£1k Sleeping Beauty stunt slammed

Rich Leigh highlights a misjudged PR stunt from those promoting the film Sleeping Beauty.

Originally posted 6-Feb-12

Digital setback for Murdoch as ‘secret’ iPad project folds

Project Two22, a secret initiative named after the building in London’s Gray’s Inn Road where it was based, has been wrapped up after being branded a failure according to The Independent.

Originally posted 6-Feb-12

Klout may have struck lucky with a Twitter campaign

Monty Munford discusses why Klout’s decision to offer retail discounts based on its social index could be truly monetisable.

Originally posted 5-Feb-12

KLM launches meet and seat

The airline has launched a service that seats you next to those with similar interests according to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Originally posted 3-Feb-12

Facebook Addiction’s As Strong As Cigarettes

A study published in Psychological Studies reveals the addictive tendencies shown by heavy social media users.

Originally posted 2-Feb-12

Chevy’s Happy Grad advert for the Super Bowl 

Because it’s hilarious, and the best of the lot.

Originally posted 19-Jan-12