Here are the stories and links we’ve tweeted, posted, passed around the UK office and shaken our heads at.

Check back later to get the skinny on what our US team has been reading too.

March 2012 Trend Briefing: Flawsome’s monthly briefing, this time covering why brands that show their flaws will be loved regardless.

Originally published: 1-Mar-12

Explaining London

New York Times’ part-amusing, part-ridiculous guide to Londoners.

Originally published: 1-Mar-12


Another amazing outdoor ad from Lego

Originally published: 1-Mar-12

Log On, Coordinate, Pose

New York Times considers the virtual ‘web closet’ trend, including Pinterest, and more.

Originally published: 29-Feb-12

4 awesome slides showing how page speed correlates to business metrics at

Does what it says on the tin.

Originally published: 28-Feb-12

Why got hit by Google Panda in the UK

Yousaf Sekander analyses why has been hit severely in the UK SERPs losing almost 50% of its visibility in UK search results

Originally published: 28-Feb-12

Google users ignore major privacy shakeup

The Telegraph covers news that only one in ten British Google users have read the firm’s radical new privacy policy despite heavy promotion and controversy over its “invasive” terms.

Originally published: 28-Feb-12

A new BBC social media strategy for England

An overview of the BBC’s fantastic new local regions social media strategy.

Originally published 27-Feb-12

Whole Foods prototype puts Kinect on shopping cart, follows people around store

The motorised cart identifies a shopper with a loyalty card, follows the shopper around the store, scans items as they’re placed inside, marks them off the shopping list, and even checks the shopper out in the end.

Originally published: 27-Feb-12

Truth and Dare – Out of the echochamber into the fire

The presentation given by RMA head of user experience James Mesut at EuroIA.

Originally published: 23-Sep-11