Here are the stories and links we’ve tweeted, posted, passed around the UK office and shaken our heads at.

Check back later to get the skinny on what our US team has been reading too.

Why the Mail is wrong to slam social media monitoring

Neil Davey responds to the Daily Mail’s ‘alarmist’ comment on social media.

Originally published 8-Mar-12

The #Kony2012 show

Elliot Ross dissects the Stop Kony viral video from Invisible Children.

Originally published 7-Mar-12

The Psychology of Colour

An infographic from the CertaPro Painters Of Louisville that shows how colour triggers emotion.

Originally published 7-Mar-12 

Six Risks of Not Having Community Management

Rachel Happe discusses the negative aspects of ignoring community management.

Originally published 6-Mar-12

PayPal debuts in bars, restaurants with Tabbedout integration

Gigaom covers PayPal’s first step into the hospitality arena.

Originally published 6-Mar-12

Heinz limited edition Facebook launch v2

We Are Social discuss its latest campaign with Heinz.

Originally published 6-Mar-12

bmi Pinterest Lottery

bmi discusses what it claims to be the first ever game of chance held on Pinterest.

Originally published 6-Mar-12

Tesco used student image on clothes ‘without permission’

The BBC reports on an Aberdeenshire student’s discovery that her face was used as the image on a jumper sold by Tesco.

Originally published 5-Mar-12

Inside the clone factory: The story of Germany’s Samwer brothers

Matt Cowan is given a rare opportunity to speak to publicity-shy Marc, Alexander and Oliver Samwer.

Originally published 2-Mar-12

Boss of Everything Everywhere owner says name should be scrapped

Everything Everywhere is facing another embarrassment over its name after the boss of France Telecom, which owns half of the company, said it should be scrapped.

Originally published 29-Feb-12