Here it is. Our Friday link round up of all the things we’ve been chatting about in the US office.

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Connecting Disruptive Business Models with Innovation in Business
Econsultancy were at Social Media Week this week in New York with special guest Lee Huang from Barnes & Noble. For those of you who came, we also handed out this handy Business Model Canvas.

February 14, 2012

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line

A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Maybe you should take a look at that?

Kim Dotcom, Pirate King

Is Megaupload’s founder a criminal mastermind, or the world’s most entertaining scapegoat? A file-sharing wizard’s ridiculous rise and fall

February 15, 2012

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Data is powerful and Target’s former statistician Andrew Pole can tell you how savvy companies are when using it. The intersection of data and human behaviour underlies marketing efforts and you don’t even know its happening.

February 16, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Launches Four New NYC Social Media Channels During Social Media Week

Look for New York City on 4 different social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr.

February 16, 2012

When the Car Is the Driver

This is a lovely piece narrated by Sebastian Thrun, who helped build Google’s driverless car, about…Google’s driverless car.

February 17, 2012

Cats as fonts

Like cats? Like fonts? You’ll love Cats as Fonts

February 15, 2012

Test of the Week

“Read More” vs. “Find Out More” – Which Button Wording Increased Click to Order Rates by 436%?

Whitney Houston iTunes price hike was a ‘mistake’, Sony says

Label apologises for raising cost of singer’s albums following her death, saying it was simply an ’employee error’ Likely story.

February 15

Google admits tracking Safari users

Internet giant says it circumvented security settings in browser to track users on desktops and iPhones. Are we surprised? Google is built entirely on our information.

February 17, 2012

Stacy Green, Will You Marry Me?

Is this the new way we’re going to propose now? I hope not…

February 14

SpaceCurve scores $2.7M to analyze location data

SpaceCurve, a Seattle-based startup pushing a database designed for location data, has raised $2.7 million on the promise it can help application developers better leverage the Internet of things. Yay!

February 13, 2012