Here it is. Our Friday link round up of all the things we’ve been chatting about, sharing and shaking our head at in the US office.

Your weekend reading starts here.

Proof that if there is a God, he doesn’t do web design

Though auto play music is not listed as most hated web feature in our “Anatomy of a perfect website” post, it should be. This site is not for anyone who has this bug bear.

Microsoft pokes fun at Google Moonlighting style

What happens when the world’s largest advertising business tries to sell productivity software on the side? Beware the Googlighting Stranger.

February 20, 2012

Soup firm’s win-a-farm competition leaves a sour taste

A competition by the New Covent Garden Soup Company has been criticised after it emerged no one had won its top prize of a £500,000 farm even after attracting 267,000 entries. Baaaaad PR is predicted.

February 22. 2012

How to remove your Google search history before Google’s new privacy policy takes effect

On March 1st, Google will implement its new, unified privacy policy, which will affect data Google has collected on you prior to March 1st as well as data it collects on you in the future. This post tells you how to remove your history.

February 21, 2012

Nike Unveils Its Big New Paradigm: Shoes Knit Like Socks

Nike are challenging a fundamental way of making shoes. It’s always exciting to see brands innovate with design whether it’s a product or a website.

February 24, 2012

All things RTB and 2012’s digital marketplace with Jay Stevens of the Rubicon Project

Admonsters sat down with Jay Stevens, Vice-President and General Manager International at the Rubicon Project to talk all things RTB and the predictions for 2012’s digital marketplace.

February 21, 2012

The Death of the Facebook Store Front?

“Facebook marketing communications are all about optimising your content for the News Feed, and not running your Facebook Page like some kind of half-baked microsite.” Another post highlighting the demise of f-commerce.

February 20, 2012

When you put everything on your homepage

This site is what you should show your clients when they ask to put more products on their website’s homepage. Hopefully this will deter them.

‘Cash Mobs’ profit locally owned stores

A new phenomenon, called “Cash Mobs,” is spreading. Instead of breaking into song, members of cash mobs break open their wallets to spend money at locally owned businesses. Help support a local business near you.

February 23, 2012

“Lovingly by Bruce Willis” – A tribute to Love – LR Health & Beauty Systems Launches the First Global Fragrance for Women from Bruce Willis

I’ve never connected Die Hard to perfume but I guess LR Health and Beauty Systems did. Another product gimmick doomed to failure.

February 23, 2012