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The Calm meditation app is getting its own celebrity-filled HBO Max showTechCrunch reports on the announcement that HBO Max is to produce a new television show based on the meditation app Calm. Made up of 10 half an hour episodes, the show is said to be loosely based around Calm’s Sleep series, but with visuals from the producers of National Geographic’s ‘One Strange Rock’ documentary. Calm has become well-known for recruiting big name stars to narrate its Sleep series (with Harry Styles being its most recent coup). The TV show will be no different, with celebrities including Idris Elba and Nicole Kidman already lined up to feature.

Netflix’s subscriber boom comes to an end – 10 million new subscribers flocked to Netflix in the three months to July, raising the overall number of new subscribers so far this year to 26 million. When compared to the total number of new subscribers for 2019 (28 million), it is clear that Netflix is currently experiencing rapid growth thanks to Covid-19. However, the company has warned of a slowdown during the second half of the year, following the lifting of some restrictions as life ‘returns to normal’. Analysts share what they think might be next for the streaming platform.

Wimbledon’s retail team looking ahead as coronavirus stops playEssential Retail’s Ben Sillitoe writes about the launch of Wimbledon new retail website, and the fact that Wimbledon has seen a boost in online sales this year, despite (or perhaps due to) the championship being cancelled because of coronavirus. Wimbledon saw its May revenue increase 200% year-on-year, “mainly from collectors looking for dated towels, balls, and T-shirts related to the first Wimbledon to be called off since World War II.” The website also comes alongside the ‘Wimbledon Recreated’ campaign, which encourages fans to share their past Wimbledon-related experiences on social media.

Twitter’s massive attack – In this article, The Verge covers the ongoing investigation into the Twitter Bitcoin scam that occurred on Wednesday evening; an attack that targeted several high-profile individuals including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and Kanye West. While it’s still unclear who exactly was behind the attack, or indeed how the hacker(s) accessed the accounts (many of which require two-step authentication), Twitter has confirmed that its own internal employee tools were compromised. It has since been revealed that over 130 users were targeted and it is suspected that those responsible made the equivalent of $120,000 in Bitcoin before Twitter temporarily suspended all verified accounts.

Augmented reality starts driving sales – Search Engine Land reports on an interesting case study from eBags, who found that augmented reality product engagement resulted in an 112% increase in conversions on mobile and 81% on desktop. While there’s a question of whether these customers may have been planning to convert anyway, it’s another example of how augmented reality can provide that interactivity that is missing from online product purchases, particularly during Covid-19 where so many retail sales are taking place through online channels.

On top of encouraging the customer to convert, an impressive AR experience may make shoppers more likely to return for future purchases – or recommend the brand via word of mouth.

From Econsultancy

The anatomy of a great ‘we are reopening’ email – Econ blog editor Ben Davis looks at how venues can nail the ‘reopening’ email, with examples from the Natural History Museum and others. The key is to combine an enticing subject line with simple, direct information about what customers need to know, reassurance, and consistency across channels. A little excitement doesn’t hurt, either.

The Animal Crossing phenomenon: More than just good timing – It’s fair to say that Nintendo game Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been one of the stand-out success stories of the coronavirus pandemic, attracting players in their droves with its brightly-coloured graphics, virtual worlds and the promise of an escape. But the game’s success hasn’t just been about good timing. Lizzy Hillier looks at how a mixture of branding, marketing and design has made the game such a hit, with an added boost due to the unprecedented circumstances.

Museum and gallery virtual tours: How does the experience measure up? – GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) is one of many sectors that has embraced digital technology during the coronavirus pandemic, using it to help satisfy our desire for real life activities. While some museums and cultural venues around the world are now reopening, many still have virtual exhibits available that allow visitors to experience what they have to offer from the comfort of their homes. Nikki Gilliland takes a tour through some virtual exhibits, including the British Museum, the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, and the Vatican.

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