Word clouds are an oft-used tool to visualise what people are talking about online, but we’ve decided to create a few of our own to shed some light on the various job roles taken up by our members.

Created using Wordle, this aggregates the job titles of our members from the past three years, equating to over 42,000 marketing professionals from around the world.

Here’s the outcome:

Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein said, “The first thing you notice is marketing, manager and director – which is an accurate reflection of our content and those attending our events or training.”

What’s surprising however is that online and digital aren’t bigger, since you’d expect them to perhaps take the place of marketing in terms of size. 

However, different companies refer job titles in so many different ways – some call it interactive, some call it digital, while others call it ‘e-something’.

“We’ve created this based on the last three years of membership, and in the US director level isn’t as senior as a VP. So if we did it just from the past year I would expect to see more US job titles pop out.

For argument’s sake, we did go ahead and looked specifically at the US, which you can see in the word cloud below, with the likes of ‘VP’ and ‘President’ becoming far more prominent.