In a surprising move, an MP revealed today that he doesn’t understand the internet that well. 

According to the BBC: “Four government departments spent almost £6m ensuring their websites appeared on search engine results pages in the last two financial years, according to newly released figures.”

So far, so meh. Organisations spend money on online marketing. Shock horror.

The BBC goes on to say:

Organisations can pay search engines to ensure their websites appear at the top of users’ searches. They are often charged for each person who accesses their sites via the link.

Often charged? I must get myself some of that free internet advertising. And the advertising is often at the side of users’ searches, but we’ll let that one go. 

The story then quotes the MP, Damian Hinds, who “uncovered” these figures (by asking for them). Showing a masterful grasp of how search engines works, he says:

“In general I don’t see why government departments should spend large sums improving their showing on search engines.

I would have thought the search engines themselves should ensure official information is easy to find.”

Got that Google? Official information should be easy to find (presumably not include rubbish media scare stories) and should be ahead of other sites like newspapers’ and the BBC’s. Make it so.

* Waves airily in Google’s direction *