Training designed to close the digital skills gap

Our 4C’s model is a new approach to capability building

Successful companies never stop learning. But we understand marketers learn in different ways. That’s why we combine capability audits, customised programmes, tailored content and a world-class LMS, with measurable results and dedicated support.

  Continuous – stay ahead with research-backed reports, articles and case studies
  Connected – inspire your team with a mix of in-person training and events.
  Convenient- access over 500 self-paced courses available on all platforms.
  Cultural – ignite new behaviours and shift mindsets with team learning events

Improve learning outcomes with advanced learning design

Our training courses are interactive and enjoyable with clear learner outcomes. They offer your teams a practical approach to learning and all courses are applicable to real-world digital marketing activity.

  Engage every type of learner with test your knowledge questions and scenario-based assessments
  Deliver content that is relevant to meeting your business goals
  Accurately measure skill progress in real-time with in-course assessments

Econsultancy's Sarah Howson explains retail media.

Create highly engaging learner experiences

Increase engagement on your ecommerce and digital marketing upskilling programmess with our world-class learning management system (LMS).

  Personalised learner journeys based on proficiency level
  Personalised learner dashboards
  Mobile optimised for learning wherever you are
  Gamification and social learning
  Your company’s own branded hub curated with priority content
  API integration with your LMS/LXP

Embed knowledge with scenario-based assessments and Mini-Missons

Drive real-world application of learning with scenario-based assessments and Mini-Missions to increase skill proficiency, mastery, and return on investment.

  Apply your learning quizzes
  Scenario-based assessments
  Gamification through points, badges and leaderboards
  CPD accredited certificates

Get dedicated support

You’ll get the support of our dedicated team of Account Managers and Customer Success Managers, who will work with you to:

  Launch your training programme
  Monitor learner engagement to ignite your team’s progress
  Analyse training data and identify opportunities to optimise
  Organise webinars and team learning sessions

Prove the impact

We’ll provide you with an easy-to-use reporting dashboard that will enable you to monitor engagement in real-time and provide the analytics you need to:

  Monitor learner progress
  Identify focus areas
  Monitor change in confidence levels
  Monitor change in effectiveness levels

What some of our partners say about us

“We have been working with Econsultancy over the last two years to enhance the skills and capabilities of our global CRM community. Employees’ feedback on the training was exceptional, and the live case studies that they worked on have the potential to generate £100m for our business.”

“The Dyson Commercial Academy led by Econsultancy is hugely important to set our people up for digital success and to help us keep up with our pace of growth, ambitious plans, and the complexities of global expansion.”

“Econsultancy has been an outstanding partner in helping us drive digital transformation across our teams.”

Trusted by the world’s top marketing and L&D leaders

Working with companies across multiple sectors we’ve radically changed their approach to digital marketing and ecommerce training.

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