Here’s a bit more on why they’re getting involved.

Apple and Farfetch

Through its own dedicated channel, Farfetch is able to curate playlists and offer behind-the-scenes insight into photo shoots. 

Its ‘Songs from the Shoot’ playlists include content chosen and influenced by those involved, and likewise, its #TuneTuesdays are full of songs relating to the day-to-day musings of Farfetch editors.

Often, the music reflects a particular style or sartorial theme.

A win-win collaboration

For Apple, a brand that is synonymous with luxury, it certainly makes sense to tie-up with similarly high-end fashion brands.

But why fashion in particular?

Whether its musicians fronting ad campaigns or designing their own clothes, there has long been a natural link between the two industries. 

The same goes for the fashion and lifestyle sectors, with many clothing brands delving into wider subjects to increase their content marketing and editorial remit.

Most significantly, it appears to be a no-risk collaboration for all involved.

Where celebrity endorsements might appear gimmicky, the established yet less visible nature of a company like Farfetch means that Apple won’t risk losing face if the collaboration fails to take off.

On the flip side, for the likes of Farfetch and Burberry, the chance to be affiliated with Apple is a no-brainer. 

With such a large global audience, the collaboration offers huge opportunity for exposure and the chance to build brand awareness.

Connecting with customers

As well as benefitting from the brand name, ecommerce companies like Farfetch are able to use Apple Music technology to enhance the customer experience.

By integrating the music into as well as its Farfetch Discover App, the aim is to build on, as well as point users towards, existing editorial content. 

With its established blog section, Farfetch already delves into other areas of lifestyle such as tech, travel and sport.

Integrating music adds an immersive aspect, and in turn, offers added value for the consumer. 

Finally, the collaboration also allows the brand to connect with consumers outside of the realms of fashion. 

Whether the customer is listening while browsing online or in the car, being able to access the music across multiple touchpoints means that Farfetch can become part of a lifestyle – not just shopping habits.

In conclusion…

It’s hard to tell whether or not fashion brands have seen any tangible success with their Apple Music accounts.

Burberry, a brand that has been on the platform since last September, has so far seen an underwhelming amount of ‘likes’ on its playlists.

However, this may of course be down to a lack of engagement on Apple Music in general, as opposed to any real indication of the user response to the brand.

What we can say for sure is that Farfetch’s collaboration marks Apple’s continued growth as a lifestyle brand, not just a tech company.

Not to mention one that many others are eager to be associated with.

Farfetch are among the speakers at the Festival of Marketing, which takes place in London on October 5-6.