Earlier this week I came across a link to Trendsmap.com. On the surface, it’s just another program that incorporates a function of Twitter into creating another service. But spend a few minutes with the site and you will quickly realise it is so much more. 

Because of its runaway success and the ease with which clever developers can leverage its API, Twitter has become an industry unto itself. Every day, it seems there’s a new start-up that is incorporating an aspect of Twitter into their new product.

A lot of them aren’t all that useful. But every once in a while, one comes along that stands a real chance of surviving. My latest find that I put in that category is Trendsmap.com. 

What TrendsMap.com does is display hyperlocal trending topics geographically. In the above screen shot, you can see what the major topics are that Twitter users in the United States are talking about. Go there now and it will be different. 

This snap-shot into what is captivating a nation is an incredible tool that has applications in marketing, advertising and journalism. 

Since the United States is in the midst of college football, it’s not surprising that major players are trending regionally. Let’s look at where Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is trending:

If you’re interesting in buying ads online, you now know what regions are probably good investments for anything Tebow-related. For journalists, this tool gives you an understanding of where a Tebow-related story might resonate. It could inform your SEO strategy for Tebow stories that go online. 

Now let’s go even deeper. Say you’re interested only in what is being said in Orlando, Florida about Tim Tebow:

At the top of the Tebow topic is a description of why that topic is important by giving some background. Under that are links to relevant news articles. And below that are most recent Tweets about Tim Tebow from users in Orlando, Florida. At the side you see a map of where Orlando is, the top trending links by Orlando users, and the top trending photos and videos by Orlando users.

The tracking aspect is dependent upon the location that users input into their profiles. However that may not be the case for long. Twitter is nearly ready to launch a geolocation feature for Tweets. That would give a service like Trendsmap a huge boost and make it more useful than it already is.