For a long time we at E-consultancy have been banging the drum of how powerful ‘traditional’ PR and

Online PR

are as forms of online marketing. Particularly in terms of driving search activity and natural search rankings.

So I was interested to read which terms were the most searched for on Google in 2006…

The BBC article (“Social networks top Google search“) says that Bebo and MySpace were the two most searched-for phrases on Google last year.

And what drove those searches? PR surely? The huge amount of media coverage they got.

I’m not even convinced these sites are the best at what they do, but they have become the best known, via PR, which drives search, which drives rankings, which drives traffic, which drives interest, which drives PR, which drives search… you get the picture.

In fact, that, and word of mouth, is how Google itself became so big so quickly.

So if you’re not using (online) PR as part of your online marketing then you really should be.

Ashley Friedlein