Last week I was discussing SEO with a small business owner who thought that the £60 a month he paid for optimising his website was expensive.

When I explained that a lot of companies (mine included) charge £500 – £1000 per day for consulting he came to the conclusion that his £60 per month was quite reasonable.

The issue is that some businesses still don’t regard internet marketing as a professional activity in the same way as financial or legal advice.

If you would happily pay £100 per hour for a decent law firm why not pay the same for SEO?

Recently we audited a site and fixed a technical issue that had been preventing a certain part of the site being indexed for some time.

This took perhaps 5 minutes to fix and yet the income generated from those pages will be huge.

Search Engine Guide has a fantastic article today about why SEOs cost so much. The article gives the example of a factory with a broken machine who employs a consultant to fix it:


Repair of equipment….. $10,000

“Ten thousand dollars?!” sputtered the factory owner. “All you did was whack the machine with a hammer! That’s outrageous! How could you possibly expect me to pay ten thousand dollars for five minutes of work?”

The man took back the invoice, extracted a pen from his shirt pocket, and scribbled a few words on the paper. He handed the invoice back, and the owner could see what he’d written:


Whacking equipment with hammer…….. $100
Knowing exactly where and how hard to whack… $9,900