A lot of talk about Web 2.0 is focusing on the brilliance of AJAX. While AJAX looks good on a website and provides sexy functionality, the real value in Web 2.0 for the marketer is in mash ups. I’ve got a story to prove it.

(‘Mash up’ by the way is a trendy description of integrating two different sources of data – for example, by merging together profile data vs the online behavioural data of your customers, you will identify plenty of avenues for new customer acquisition)

Anyway, back to the story at hand…

The online grocer Asda.com was trying to improve two things - 

  • Its offline store marketing, which encourages people to do their weekly shop online.
  • The efficiency of its delivery vans, while also keeping its customers happy by turning up on time.

By tying together the online activity of its customers and their geographical location, Asda was able to tie back the increases in online sales to customers’ proximity to their local store. This, in turn, measured which message or creative in-store worked best in increasing new online customer acquisition, and ensured its offline marketing had the best possible returns.

To go the extra mile with this same insight, Asda identified the different volume of deliveries each store had to make, was able to redistribute the catchment area of each store and increase the number of deliveries each van could make every day!

Not bad in a day’s work!

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