Really bad company websites are organised around a business’s internal structure – they reflect what departments the business has (which no one else gives a toss about), as opposed to reflecting what customers want or how they think.

The Ryder Cup site marks a new low in making your website reflect your organisation’s internal structure. 

For some reason, the first thing you have to do when you get to the official Ryder Cup website is choose to look at Team Europe or Team USA.Ryder cup home page

And then you’re shown completely different content.

So want the news about Friday’s fourball pairings? TOUGH if you’ve chosen Team USA. That’s Team Europe news you loser.

See – here’s the Team Europe news for today.

Team Europe nes

Here’s the Team USA news for today.

This goes on. Want the official Ryder Cup Guide? That’s Team USA information – keep out you cheese eating surrender monkeys.

I could go on. I won’t.

Basically, to keep up to date with the Ryder Cup on its official site, you have to trawl round two different websites that reflect the team structure, not what golf fans want to know (Times / Sunday Times people – please pay attention and get rid of the Sunday Times site).