A good landing page is one that reinforces ‘conversion intent’ by providing enough information to persuade customers to convert, but most importantly it has to be relevant to the paid ad that the user has just clicked on.

When shoppers enter a very specific phrase, such as a make and model number of a product, it suggests a clear intention to purchase, and so the landing page has to send the searcher straight to the product page and make it easy to complete the purchase. 

Looking for a replacement printer earlier today, I came across a couple of examples where landing pages are failing to deliver content that is relevant to the ads clicked on.

In this first example, I searched for the exact printer model I wanted, and found this ad from Sainsbury’s:

Sainsbury's PPc ad

However, after clicking on the ad, this is the landing page I saw. Not only does it not show me the model I searched for, but the page is devoid of any kind of printers at all. Even if the printer I searched for was unavailable, Sainsbury’s could at least have shown me its range of related products:

The Amazon ad (also shown above) promised to deliver the exact printer model I typed into Google. but only sends me to a generic page showcasing the entire HP product range. 

This means I have to make the effort to browse or search again to find
the product I want, and the one that the ad promised to deliver. In both cases, seemingly relevant ads have failed to send me to the right landing pages.  

When I have already suggested a clear purchase intent by typing in the exact model number, this seems to be a missed opportunity, as well as a waste of a click.

PC World provides a much better example on this search for an alternative printer:

The ad delivers me straight to the product page for the printer I searched for, allowing me to see details of the product and select to collect it from my local store or buy it online, though in this case the item is out of stock: 

Delivering relevant pages and connecting the landing page to the paid search ad will increase your chances of getting the sale, especially when customers have entered a very specific product into a search engine. See this article for more tips on PPC landing pages.