Are you already local on Facebook? How about being hyperlocal? In this post, I’ll be explaining why your company should have a hyperlocal social media strategy. 

You probably already know that a local Facebook strategy is the best approach to manage your Facebook page. We have measured that users engage on average three to four times more with local than global Facebook pages, and the local pages typically grow on average twice as fast as global communities.

Starbucks local Facebook pages

Starbucks Facebook pages and their engagement rate (ER) – how much fans engage, and response rate (RR) – how much the pages responds, in three months from November 2010 – January 2011. Stats from Socialbakers.

But enough about local Facebook strategies, what about going hyper-local? City level? City district level? Specific shop level?

Why shouldn`t say a coffee shop have its own Facebook Page? Well so for one reason, that coffee shop probably already does have a Facebook page, even if they didn`t register it themselves. With Facebook Places, when people check-in, they already create a Facebook page for every shop.

So why a hyper-local Facebook strategy?

If you are going to work in the morning, and you get news from Starbucks global on your mobile phone, how relevant can it be?

If you get it from Starbucks in your country, it might seem more relevant, but maybe you`re not about to travel to London to a coffee making event.

More local means more relevant, so creating a page for a specific coffee shop, or shops in one city could be an optional approach.

Because if that coffee shop around the corner puts up a status update and opens a Facebook deal, that coffee is 10% off just for today, and the lovely lady that serves you coffee every morning puts it up, you`ll love it!

We`ve seen a newspaper that has opened ten hyper-local Facebook pages in ten different towns. These pages immediately became more relevant, and more local.

People posted local events, local offers, and people engaged and discussed with the Facebook page. At a time where media companies on Facebook didn`t dare to post more then five posts a day (note: Now they do), these pages posted ten to fifteen page posts a day, and the engagement was amazing!

The community grew to be the biggest media community in the country. They had the fastest growth, and biggest engagement, what more can you want?

Well unfortunately, this publisher went out of business, as the printing industry is not that kind, and well, Facebook pages will not be the revenue driver, at least not to media companies. 

To sum up: be even more local on Facebook, create and manage your Facebook Places, even if you should just monitor the local likes and check-ins, and post on a country level.

Being more local works, and the fun thing about it is, if you won`t do it, your users will do it for you. Of course, everything I wrote above applies for all local social networks – Foursquare, Gowalla, and Google Places.