Wikiseek is a new search engine which indexes only results from Wikipedia and sites which are linked to from Wikipedia.

Wikiseek is the first product from SearchMe, a California based startup which has raised $5 million from Sequoia Capital, and plans a range of ‘long tail search engines’.

The company claims that, because the results are limited to Wikipedia and sites linked to from it,  their search engine is far less susceptible to spam and SEO schemes (in fact, there may well be some duplicate content issues, since it is pulling content from Wikipedia, so SEO ).

On the plus side, the interface is clean and the tag cloud containing relevant Wikipedia categories is useful in refining your search.

The big problem with this search engine is the relevance of the results. As Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land points out, when compared with results from the big three search engines, Wikiseek’s results are far less relevant. 

As SearchMe CEO Randy Adams points out in reply to Danny’s criticisms, Wikiseek is in beta stage, and is still in the process of ironing out any problems.

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