By blending iPhones, golf balls and more, US firm Blendtec has managed to increase sales of its kitchen blenders for a fraction of the costs of traditional marketing methods.

The Will it blend? videos are hosted by Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson. Tom, who can now consider himself a bona fide viral marketing rockstar, proves the bone-crushing power of the blenders by mashing up items of every description, including the world’s hardest man, Chuck Norris (ok, it was a Chuck Norris action figure, but still…).

The videos have been seen by millions, not least thanks to their Diggability. For example, the video showing Dickson blending a brand new iPhone has received in excess of 2m views on YouTube. More than 8m YouTube users have seen the videos.

The videos cost very little to make, and Blendtec has achieved the kind of brand exposure that would cost millions using other marketing methods, as well as demonstrating the strength of the blenders.

Traffic to the company’s website has increased by 650% since the introduction of the videos, while Blendtec’s online sales have increased five-fold.

Recent research has found that UK brands are seeing the potential of viral marketing, and viral agencies have reported a 60% growth in income. The viral industry in the UK is predicted to be worth between £25m and £30m by the end of this year.

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