Fast food chain Wimpy has made created 15 special ‘Braille’ hamburgers as part of an influencer relations campaign to promote its new Braille menus in South Africa.

Wimpy chefs used sesame seeds on the top of buns to spell out ‘100% pure beef burger, made for you’.

The video below explains the thought process behind the campaign, which focused on the three largest blind institutions in the country, Braille Services, Louise Braille House and Blind SA.

The company says within the clip that though it knows this was just a small gesture, the knock-on effect was that news of the Braille menus was published in the institution’s newsletters, publications and on blogs with screen readers.

The responses to the burgers are not only totally authentic – they’re also enjoyable to watch.

Wimpy’s introduction of Braille menus is particularly timely, since McDonald’s recently made headlines in South Africa recently after a blind woman was turned away because she tried to enter a restaurant with her guide dog.

This is a perfect example of how something simple but very targeted can produce fabulous results and get a specific community talking. Wimpy states that the news reached over 800,000 sight-disabled people.

More like this please.