As collaborative consumption grows in popularity, here’s another another example of a start-up that’s built around the trend for part-owning or sharing goods.

Wear It Share It (Wishi) is a Facebook app that allows people to upload photos of their clothes and accessories – then share these with selected friends.

Users can create new looks by mixing and matching pieces of their own with their friends’ virtual wardrobes – or items within the Wishi community. 

People can also then share fashion or styling tips – and sell or exchange items through an online marketplace.

Wishi co-founder Lia Kislev told AllFacebook that the app was inspired by co-founder Hila Angel peeking in her friend’s closet and realising that bringing that sort of action to Facebook would enable the three Israeli co-founders to create “the world’s biggest closet.”

Though the ability to poke about in someone else’s wardrobe probably taps into the inquisitive side of human nature, it’s the commerce aspect to this that makes it interesting.

While ASOS’ Marketplace for vintage and independent retailers, Etsy and eBay’s renewed focus on fashion have all created places for fashionistas to sell their wares, an app that allows anyone to easily ‘exchange or sell’ from within the confines of Facebook, is a different spin.

There’s a huge amount of potential here, particularly if Wishi integrates with Facebook’s Open Graph to create socially-driven recommendations.