Wolfram Alpha is disruptive revolutionary technology.  I envision the next step to be simple: a web enabled and wireless carrier supported scientific calculator.  This will hyper-drive math and science education and will open up science and discovery. 

While science allows us to go where ever the data takes us, our knowledge – what we presume to be true – is in many ways based upon research conducted to fit the structure of how data is presented.  We are limited by our end-game.

Wolfram Alpha opens up – on a universal scale – the potential for advanced research data to determine the presentation.

That being said, the scientific search engine presents data that is evolutionary in logic for the way women learn.

This is exhilarating.  The impact the engine will have on teen girls remaining in and pursuing math and science will broaden the career potential for women as well as double the brain power of computational based product creation.

Wolfram Alpha Logo

While girls excel in math in elementary grades, they begin tuning out in middle school.  Some of the causes have been addressed – the insecurities of being front and center during puberty and how teen girls learn 3-dimensionally through touch and in intimate talkative interactive groups where they can think aloud without humiliating criticism, which happens often during those tender years.

What Wolfram Alpha does is to show query results in structures that are holistically logical for girls.  Until now, data has been provided to students in ways the boys digest well; after all the early professors of math and science were mostly men writing for their contemporaries and students that would fill male dominated industries.   To be sure, all one has to do is look at the sports page with all the numbers and stats to realize the time has come for a more aesthetically attractive format for results.

This engine will change education, which will change the world.

Thank you Steven Wolfram.

And, to my advanced statistics professor – who failed or gave Ds to all the gals – and who stated in week 3 of class, “Women do not belong in math; they ruin it,” here’s to you sir: Up Yours!