A survey has revealed that women have different attitudes to search giant Google from men, and are less likely to criticise it for being too commercial.

In a survey of 1,000 UK internet users by search agency bigmouthmedia, less than a third thought that Google was becoming too commercial.

Thirty five percent of men took that view of the company, compared with 23% of women.

Google’s dominance of both the search and online ad markets, especially in the light of the recent acquisition of DoubleClick, has led many to wonder whether it is becoming too powerful.

According to Chris Sherman of SearchEngineLand:

“Google now dominates in so many areas that some people perceive it as all-powerful or arrogant. In some ways, that’s true – but Google still adheres to its “do no evil” mantra in my opinion.

“Microsoft went through virtually the same evolution, starting off as an innovative startup that radically changed computing. Over time, they came to be known as the evil empire by some.”

In the UK last year, Google made £872m from online advertising, 43% of total online ad spend. It also took 75% of paid search revenue.