Men are much more likely to leave positive feedback on a service, product or a shopping experience, comapred with the fairer sex, according to a new survey.

Fizzback quizzed 820 consumers via email or text about purchases they had just made, and found women were more critical of retailers’ services.

Customer service issues accounted for most of the feedback – availability of assistance from staff was the most important factor for 63.7% of shoppers, followed by attitude (16.5%), knowledge (10.1%) and efficiency (6.7%).

Rob Keve, CEO of Fizzback, said: 

“These findings prove what we may have always known – than men and women have fundamentally different attitudes towards retail.

“Men are much more likely to go into a shop, get what they need and come away feeling as though they’ve done a good job. Women expect more from the retail experience, and will notice things like poor customer service, unhelpful staff or below-standard products, and give a more negative rating accordingly.”

Keep it up ladies! We demand better service for all!

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