I’m not as tuned in to the SEO industry as I used to be in a past life as Editor of Search Engine Watch, but one place I feel like I can go to get caught up on developments and best practice, find resources and share in some great events coverage and jokes is Twitter.

The digital marketing industry on Twitter is active, fun, smart and friendly, and this is a big reason why Twitter remains, in spite of all its many (and widely-acknowledged) problems, one of my favourite social networks to spend time on.

In particular, it’s home to some fantastically smart female voices working in the SEO and digital marketing industries. SEO, like many tech-adjacent industries, has a reputation for being male-dominated, and has certainly grappled with its fare share of issues regarding gender, particularly over the past month. However, there is also no shortage of incredibly intelligent and experienced women to be found working and sharing their knowledge in the industry, which meant that I had a huge number of amazing candidates for this list.

So, here is a round-up – by no means exhaustive, but hopefully useful – of 18 amazing women in SEO to follow on Twitter. Please add your own recommendations of insightful female voices in marketing to the comments!

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1. Jackie Chu @jackiecchu – SEO Lead at Uber

If you’re looking for smart women to follow in SEO, Jackie Chu is an excellent one to start with.

Formerly a Senior SEO Manager at Square and an SEO and Social Consultant for Yahoo Magazines, Jackie Chu is now the SEO Lead at Uber. Chu specialises in technical, international and general SEO along with app store optimisation, web analytics, online video and more, and her Twitter feed is a great place to get SEO developments, gems of best practice advice, and best of all – job opportunities.

2. Aleyda Solís @aleyda – Founder of Orainti

Aleyda Solís is a brilliant woman working in SEO whose plaudits are almost too numerous to list here. An international SEO consultant, speaker and author, she founded the specialist ’boutique SEO consultancy’ Orainti, as well as the weekly video series Crawling Mondays, the remote-working resource Remoters, and Mujeres en SEO, a comprehensive Spanish-language list of women in the SEO industry.

Last year, she was named European Search Personality of the Year, and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and HubSpot as an influencer and expert to follow. Her Twitter is a hub of thought-provoking articles, discussions and advice on SEO, digital marketing and remote working, both and English and in Spanish; while researching this piece I found myself opening half a dozen tabs with interesting-looking posts, and had to tear myself away in order to have a hope of finishing this round-up in time.

3. Jamie Alberico @Jammer_Volts – SEO Product Owner at Arrow Electronics & Technical Website Consultant at Not a Robot

Jamie Alberico describes herself in her Twitter bio as a “STEMinist”, and notes that her tweets “should never be taken seriously” – she also has one of my favourite handles on this list.

An SEO Product Owner at Arrow Electronics, Technical Website Consultant at Not a Robot LLC and former CRO Specialist at Moz, Alberico tweets and writes insightfully and amusingly about technical SEO, JavaScript, analytics and DnD. While I can’t pretend to understand the content of many of her tweets with my very non-technical knowledge of SEO, I had a great time reading them.

4. Areej AbuAli @areej_abuali – Head of SEO at Verve Search

Areej AbuAli is the Head of SEO at Verve Search, leading the agency in all things on-site and technical SEO, and a former Technical Account Manager at Authoritas. She will also be speaking for the first time at Brighton SEO in April, in what looks to be an extremely informative session about the methodology of restructuring a major job aggregator to improve indexability. (Try saying that five times quickly).

Her Twitter feed is full of informative and uplifting tweets on SEO, female empowerment and productivity, and again, a great one to follow if you want to keep tabs on technical SEO as well as adding more insightful reading into your day.

5. Ginny Marvin @GinnyMarvin – Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Martech Today

As the Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Land, along with its sister titles Marketing Land and Martech Today, Ginny Marvin is undoubtedly a power woman in the world of search – and marketing in general. She is a brilliant one to follow for updates and insights of all kinds into not just SEO, but paid search, paid media and all areas of marketing.

6. Jenny Halasz @jennyhalasz – President of JLH Marketing

Jenny Halasz is the President of marketing consulting service JLH Marketing and the woman behind #AskAnSEO on Search Engine Journal, and is an extremely knowledgeable voice on SEO that your Twitter network can’t do without.

Aside from tweets with her insightful column on Search Engine Journal, follow her for updates on the wider SEO community and the issues that concern it, expert contributions to SEO chats, thoughts on US politics and a whole lot more.

It looks as though she is also assembling the list to end all lists of women to follow in SEO, so look out for that!

7. Gisele Navarro @ichbingisele – Operations Director at NeoMam Studios

Gisele Navarro is the Operations Director at NeoMam Studios, and has been in the SEO industry for a decade and counting, and brings this extensive experience to bear in her writing and her tweets, which focus particularly on the value of link-building, PR and outreach in SEO. In the course of researching this article, I’ve enjoyed reading her posts on LinkedIn and NeoMam about topics such as digital PR, and why it’s important to do what makes you happy.

She is also the author of the powerful post, ‘Dear SEO Industry, We Need to Talk About Elitism and Sexual Harassment‘, which responded to the recent intense controversy (and also the ongoing, historic issues) surrounding issues of gender and sexual harassment in the SEO industry.

8. Ruth Burr Reedy @ruthburr – Director of Strategy at UpBuild

The Director of Strategy at UpBuild, Ruth Burr Reedy is extremely knowledgeable about inbound marketing, SEO, web analytics, data-driven marketing and a whole lot more.

Her Twitter is an excellent one to follow for developments, information and tips from across SEO and digital marketing, all informed by commentary from someone who truly knows her trade.

9. Dawn Anderson @dawnieando – Managing Director at MoveItMarketing

Dawn Anderson, the CEO, Founder and MD of MoveItMarketing, wears half a dozen different hats in the world of SEO: international SEO consultant, speaker, search awards judge, trainer at General Assembly, and digital marketing lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

It goes without saying that she’s also a brilliant and insightful person to follow for all things SEO and marketing along with events, job postings, blog posts, and absorbing discussions on issues such as why SEOs should understand Python:

10. Victoria Olsina @vykolsina – SEO Manager EMEA at ConsenSys

There aren’t many people who you can say tweet about the intersection of blockchain and SEO, but Victoria Olsina is one of them.

The SEO Manager for EMEA at ConsenSys, a blockchain software technology company, Olsina believes that 2019 is the Year of Blockchain, and is the woman to follow if you’re interested in updates about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and SEO. On top of this, she’s also a speaker, trainer and teacher, with experience working both client-side and agency-side.

11. Britney Muller @BritneyMuller – Senior SEO Scientist at Moz & Founder of Pryde Marketing

Britney Muller is the Founder of Pryde Marketing and a Senior SEO Scientist at Moz. Need I say any more? Oh, all right then. Muller is an incredibly smart woman in SEO who tweets knowledgeably about a range of topics including machine learning and SEO, link-building, domain authority – and click-through rate, featuring this world-rocking discovery:

As I researched this article (which of course involved browsing a lot of Twitter feeds), there were certain names that appeared over and over in retweets and quote tweets, and Muller’s was one of them. If you aren’t already following her, don’t waste any more time.

12. Svetlana Stankovic @locodebubu – Team Lead SEO Consulting at Searchmetrics

Svetlana Stankovic is the Team Lead for SEO Consulting at Searchmetrics, and as such, is the perfect person to follow for all kinds of great resources on search: webinars, articles, events, videos, livestreams, and best practice advice in general.

In particular, she is very on top of the latest happenings with Google and its many properties and how they will likely impact search – so if you want to be too, make sure to follow her.

13. Cindy Krum @Suzzicks – CEO & Founder of MobileMoxie

Cindy Krum is the CEO and founder of mobile marketing consultancy MobileMoxie, a mobile SEO specialist, and the woman to follow if you’re concerned about optimising for mobile. Her Twitter feed brings together news, updates and best practice from across the SEO industry, on all areas of SEO, with a particular focus on mobile – with even more expertise to be found in her writing.

She’s also the person who coined the term “Fraggles”, referring to an SEO asset on mobile SEO that’s halfway between a “fragment” and a “handle” – sort of a miniature Quick Answer.

14. Kim Krause Berg @kim_cre8pc – Usability Specialist & owner of Creative Vision Web Consulting

Kim Krause Berg is a usability specialist who has been running Creative Vision Web Consulting (formerly Cre8pc), offering website usability, accessibility and SEO services since 1996.

She tweets extremely insightfully about accessibility and SEO – two fields with a great deal of overlap that businesses can’t afford to overlook – along with web design, UX, disability, user research and insights into her lessons learned from more than two decades in the industry.

15. Dana DiTomaso @DanaDiTomaso – President and Partner at Kick Point Inc. & tech columnist at Edmonton AM

Dana DiTomaso is President and Partner at digital marketing agency KickPoint Inc. and a technology columnist for CBC radio programme Edmonton AM. She is also an experienced and regular speaker on digital marketing and SEO, and in 2018 was nominated by Search Engine Land for SEO Speaker of the Year.

On her Twitter, DiTomaso brings together updates and thoughts on SEO (with an emphasis on local SEO) marketing, advertising and technology alongside tweets about gender issues, LGBT issues and the Canadian cold. Suffice to say I’ve fallen down about twelve different rabbit holes since I set out to write this very short blurb, and feel generally more knowledgeable about everything (including SEO).

16. Izzi Smith @izzionfire – SEO Manager at Sixt

Izzi Smith is a self-described “SEO nerd”, and the SEO Manager for car rental company Sixt.

Her feed is full of entertaining and knowledgeable tweets about the practice and pitfalls of SEO which are sure to make you laugh out loud (and learn a great deal). She also has a weekly podcast, The Izzi & Nils Show (together with Nils Kattau) that similarly combines humour with education.

17. Marie Haynes @Marie_Haynes – SEM Consultant

If you want more SEO advice and updates than you can shake a stick at directly in your Twitter feed, then follow Marie Haynes. I mean, also follow her because she’s an incredibly knowledgeable woman with a wealth of experience in SEO and SEM, and unquestionably one of the key people to follow in the SEO industry.

But in particular, the sheer amount of great SEO content (and I do try to avoid that word as a catch-all, but it fits in this case) that she shares amazes me: from event livetweets to podcast episodes to articles, you can’t go wrong by following Haynes and adding a huge amount of expert SEO insight into your feed and your network.

18. Alexandra Tachalova @AlexTachalova – Digital marketing consultant & Founder of Digital Olympus

Alexandra Tachalova is a digital marketing consultant with knowledge across PR, SEO, link-building and content marketing, and it shows on her Twitter. She shares a ton of great information about link-building and outreach in particular: two topics that are of constant interest to SEOs, and which never cease to be relevant.

On top of this, she regularly takes part in live chats like #digitalolympuschat (run by Digital Olympus, a marketing event that Tachalova founded) and #pitchboxchat, offering insightful contributions drawn from experience.

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