Yesterday, PR agency 10Yetis put together an updated list of the top 20 most influential UK PR bloggers, according to the Advertising Age Power 150 blogs list. 

‘Head Yeti’ Andy Barr noted that recently there’s been a shuffle in response to a new ranking algorithm, and that there are far more British entries from a broader spread of companies that include SEO and PR, advertising and ‘direct response specialists’.

But I, and others, noted that there’s not one woman on the list.

Punch Communications, in at number 20, blogs as an agency group – with sharp commentators like Erica Whiteman included – as does We Are Social (see below). But there are no individuals mentioned.

Inevitably, this was flagged on Twitter. My feeling is that the majority of women I know blogging about PR fall into the same category as Punch – they blog as part of a group. 

Additionally, during the process of putting this list together, Octopus Communications director Emily Wearmouth flagged a post by Aimée Morrison which suggests women are not as forthcoming when it comes to media opportunities or raising their own profile. It’s an interesting read regardless of how you view the situation.

Now, this isn’t a ‘females are downtrodden’ post, since gender is a bit of a non-issue for me, but more of a suggestion of women who write excellent things about the PR landscape, to simply provide an alternative view.

I should also point out that I’m not a fan of separating out the sexes, there’s no need to, but this should clear up some notable omissions.

This is by no means expansive either, so feel free to leave additions in the comments.

  • Candace Kuss, Hill & Knowlton. Candace is just one of the female members of the H&K team who blog regularly. She’s been combining creative with interactive since 1990 and packs some serious punch.
  • Helen Nowicka, Porter Novelli. A former national news journalist, Helen spent eight years heading up The Red Consultancy but is now focused on digital and social media. 
  • Joanne Jacobs, 1000heads. An Australian native, Joanna was UK based until very recently – when she went back home to become COO for the word of mouth agency.
  • Katy Howell, immediate future. Katy’s blog is packed full of insight into the meeting of PR and social, with a clear voice that cuts through the noise.
  • Debby Penton, EML Wildfire. Co-owner and MD of Wildfire ahead of its merger with EML, Debby continues, as a director of the newly formed business, to draw on 15 years of traditional PR & marketing experience, putting in in context with today’s consumer expectations.
  • Michelle Goodall, independent. Our own online PR, SEO PR and social media trainer, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, joining the dots in a way very few are able to.
  • Gillian Radcliffe, London College of Communication. As head of comms, Gillian contribute to the CIPR’s ‘The Conversation’ hub, with a unique view on educating young PR talent and how this is changing the future of the industry.
  • Becky McMichael, Ruder Finn. As head of strategy and innovation, Becky describes her style as ’media meets business with a digital twist’.
  • Nichola Stott, theMediaFlow. Nicohla provides more input into search, as owner of the SEO and social media agency and co-founder of SEO PR Training.
  • Tamara Littleton, eModeration. My wildcard, as eModeration’s forte is its community insight. Not strictly ‘PR’ – but then, what is?
  • Catherine Warrilow, Publicity Oxford. Not only does Catherine have serious experience in regional PR, but also specialises in consumer PR and social media and for the toy & nursery, leisure and lifestyle sectors.
  • Sally Whittle, Blogger. Ed. Firm favourite of the PR blogosphere, Sally takes no prisoners when dishing out direct advice to PRs on working with journalists, as a former (and current) writer herself.

There are also those who blog as teams with notable insight from several women within each:

  • We Are Social: including Nicole Ghobrial, Leila Thabet (MD of newly formed New York office), Jess Elvidge and Sandrine Plasseraud from the Paris office.
  • Jackie Cooper says…: a collective effort from Edelman’s consumer division, includes the lady herself, Anna Hardman and Sophie Rhatigan.
  • Rabbit: Socially-driven insight from Bridey-Rae Lipscombe, Cat Turner and Sinead McGowan.
  • Firefly: including Ana Mangahas, Fiona Hughes and more.