On Wednesday night we attended the AOP Awards dinner, having been nominated in two categories, neither of which we remotely expected to win. But thanks to the fantastic skills of the judging panel, and to our complete astonishment, we won both of them.

E-consultancy won the awards for Online Publisher 2006 and also Editorial Team 2006, both in the business category.

Ashley and Matt from E-consultancy collect the second award

We are still feeling all warm and fuzzy as a result, although that might have something to do with our fiendish celebrations…

The competition was formidable – we were up against some well-established sites owned by major publishing groups such as Financial Times Business, CNET, Haymarket, Centaur, VNU and Reed Business Information.

AOP summed it up when they said we “beat the odds” to win. During the champagne reception I was offering odds of 50-1 for us to pick up just one award, though thankfully nobody took me up on that.

Mark Sweney writing for The Guardian said: “Independent digital publisher E-consultancy was the surprise winner of two awards in the fiercely competitive categories of business editorial team and online publisher in the business category.”

Needless to say, it was a huge surprise to us.

The judges’ comments were great too: “E-consultancy delivers editorial that is exceptional in both quality and quantity: an amazing achievement in itself, especially considering the size of the editorial team.” 

More evidence below…

Let the celebrations begin...
Ashley, Craig and Linus

 Team EC in win mode

The eyes have it...

The recognition from our peers in the industry is great and we’ve received more than 100 congratulatory emails, which also rocks.

Our thanks go to the super-smart judging panel, our users (yes, you), our various ancestors, etc.

Well done Team EC.