Normally an acronym for something else entirely, WTF (‘Where’s the Fire’ in this case) is a new social media feature which has been added to Technorati.

Where’s the Fire? borrows a little from Digg, (it’s a Digg clone, according to Steve Rubel) and allows users to write an explanation of why a particular search topic or subject is important. Other users can then vote that explanation up or down.

The idea behind WTF is to give Technorati visitors explanations of topics they see discussed in the blogosphere. Top terms today include Microsoft Vista, the iPhone and, inevitably, Paris Hilton.

Technorati launched the new feature yesterday, though it wasn’t available to view for a while because, according to Liz Dunn of Technorati:‘”Its awesomeness rocked our servers too hard”.

The new feature has produced a mixed reaction in the blogosphere – while David Utter at WebProNews seems to like it, Mark Evans isn’t impressed, and makes the point that Technorati should do a better job as a blog search engine before it branches out into other areas.

We kind of agree with Mark… it is time to clean out all those dodgy blogs from the Technorati index. The longer Technorati waits to clean up the splogs the greater the threat that some new firm comes along and improves on the blog search model.