Xbox 360 Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has overtaken the Wii as the most searched for games console in the US, according to figures from Hitwise.

The research group’s Bill Tancer said the increase in searches was down to a combination of factors – hype about new games, rumours of a drop in prices, as well as ‘red ring of death’ issues.

The searches seem to be more about the console and forthcoming games than the problems. The top 12 that included the words ‘Xbox 360’ were not concerned with the repair problems.

Searches for Wii, Xbox, and PS3

Meanwhile, recent figures from Nielsen Media Research suggest that the Xbox 360 is the most played of the three next generation consoles, accounting for 8% of playing time on consoles and PCs.

The Wii was next on 4%, while Sony’s PS3 trails on just 1.5%. However, the Playstation 2 dominates the figures, accounting for 42% of gaming time.

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