GCap Media

-owned indie music station


is preparing to launch an interactive online radio player which will allow listeners to build personalised playlists from its music library.

Mi-Xfm, as it is called, will feature four different music genres; Chill, Loud, X-list and Hits; and will be sponsored by Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The move comes as GCap, the UK’s largest commercial radio broadcaster, is looking to interactivity and social networking tools to help it offset declining ad revenues and respond to the popularity of online radio outfits like last.fm.

Xfm marketing director Richard Mintz said: “Mi-Xfm represents the first phase of a significant and ongoing strategy to deliver personalised and interactive radio services across the GCap Media Network.”

The Mi-Xfm player will launch on 15 December.

Perhaps it would have been a smarter move to talk to the folks at last.fm, to tap into an existing music-based social network, rather than trying to compete with it?