Predictions for online retail this Christmas have been generally positive, and initial results seem to be bearing this optimism out.

I’ve gathered together some stats on e-commerce spending for the holiday season so far…

US online retail sales (comScore)

  • For the holiday season from November 1 to December 20, US online retail sales reached $24.8bn, a
    4% increase over the same period in 2008.
  • Spending on ‘Green Monday’ December 14 was $854m, 1% less than the previous year, but the three following days each surpassed $800m.
  • Tuesday, December 15 set an individual day spending record with
    $913m. By comparison, spending on Cyber Monday (Nov. 30) was $887m. 

Peak online shopping days in the UK (Hitwise)

  • Cyber Monday’ (Dec 7) and Sunday December 6 were the joint busiest days
    for online retailers so far this year, meaning that the peak for Christmas online shopping has moved closer to the 25th. The busiest day
    for online retailers in 2008 was Sunday November 30.
  • Department stores and supermarkets have been the biggest beneficiaries of the
    shift towards later online shopping this Christmas, though Amazon had the biggest increase in visits.
  • According to MetaPack stats, Cyber Monday remains the highest
    shopping day in the UK with sales on Monday 14 decreasing by 2% on the 7th.
  • On December 7, £1.4m was spent online at 13:43 in just one minute, with sales peaking at £33m between 13:00 and 14:00. (IMRG)

UK average order values (Coremetrics)

  • Coremetrics figures show that  the
    value of the average order placed online is up by 94% this Christmas, compared to 2008.
  • The number of goods that are purchased per transaction has also increased
    significantly, from 2.7 items in 2007 to 3.7 per order in 2009.

UK online retail sales (IMRG)

  • UK shoppers spent £5.3bn online in November, with sales up by 25% on Octobers, and by 11% compared to November 2008.