It’s that time of year when various analysts and research groups announce their predictions on how much online retail will be worth this Christmas. 

The general consensus is positive for online retail, with various research firms predicting a rise in spending in the US and UK markets. Here’s a round up of the various surveys and predictions… 

Mobiles and Christmas shopping (US)

  • According to IDC Retail Insights, mobile shopping “warriors” (hyper-connected individuals) and mobile shopping “warrior wannabes” (moderately connected individuals) will account for 28% or $127bn of the $447bn predicted to be spent during the holiday season. 
  • The MMA found that 59% of mobile consumers intending to use their phones for holiday shopping and celebration planning. 64% expect to use their mobile phone before going to a store, and 12% will use it to respond to offline ads. 
  • 13% of respondents anticipate using their mobiles to purchase gifts. Searching for retail outlets and comparing prices are the two most common holiday-related tasks that shoppers will use their phones for, while movies, music, consumer electronics and books are the top gifts types that mobile shoppers would use their phones to research. 

UK Christmas shopping habits (MoneyDashboard)

  • A survey of UK consumers by MoneyDashboard found that 56.7% of respondents use the internet to browse for Christmas presents, while 46.6% said they intend to do the majority of their shopping online. 
  • 44% of respondents said they would do more browsing for gifts online this year compared with 2009, and 31.9% intend to do more of their Christmas shopping online. 

US holiday season spending (comScore)

  • In the US holiday season to date (the first 21 days of November), US shoppers spent $9.01bn has been spent online, a 13% increase when compared with the same period in 2009. 
  • ComScore predicts that online retail spending for the November to December period will reach $32.4bn, up 11% on last year. 

Peak online shopping days in the UK (IMRG

  • The IMRG predicts that ‘Mega Monday’ on December 6 will be 11% bigger than ‘Manic Monday’ on November 29 in terms of online spending. 
  • It is predicted that t hourly online retail sales will peak at £23.2m between 12pm and 1pm on December 6. Figures provided by payments processing firm ReD reveal that over the past two years, sales on ’Mega Monday’ have been 11-12% higher than those on Manic Monday.
  • IMRG predicts that overall spend for the Christmas period (November and December) will reach £12.4bn, with £6.4bn of this spent online in December. 

UK Christmas online spending (CRR

  • The Centre for Retail Research predicts that £537m will be spent online on Monday November 29, a 29% increase on last year. 
  • In the run-up to Christmas, online sales are expected to reach £11.5bn, up £2.6bn on last year, a 28.8% rise. The CRR also predicts that online shopping will account for 17% of all Christmas sales this year.