Today Yahoo announced its first ever global brand campaign. During the IAB MIXX conference in New York and at its own press conference, Yahoo explained that it would be spending $100 million over the next year and a half to promote Y!OU!

The trouble is, other than the weird spelling and the exorbitant amount of money being spent, it’s hard to see how this is much different from the old Yahoo.

The new campaign will combine print, online, video and out-of-home ads and will roll out in 10 countries starting next Monday, September 28.

So what exactly is Yahoo advertising? Other than generic 1990s neon clothes and concepts that is.

Well, Yahoo has made a few changes lately. The company may have put an end date on its search business when it decided to partner with Microsoft earlier this year, but Yahoo search is not dead yet and the company has added new features to its capabilities.

The new Yahoo search has a lefthand navigation and new filtering options to help drill down into search results. The company also has a newly revamped homepage.

But enough about Yahoo. The company’s new campaign is about YOU.

According to Elisa Steele, Yahoo’s new CMO: “Our new branding will focus on people — the power and promise of ‘you.’”

Why they’re are misspelling that as “Y!OU” has not been explained. And while a new homepage is not particularly novel thing for Yahoo to do, Steele bills this as a new turnaround for the company.

Except, as the company’s CEO Carol Bartz explains, not much has really changed at Yahoo.

AllThingsD got the following response from Bartz for asking if the media is too obsessed about what’s new at Yahoo:

Yes. “People just decided to put a cloud over Yahoo’s
head”…and decided that if we’re going to remove the cloud we had to
show off something shiny and new. “If you get out of New York and
Silicon Valley, everybody loves Yahoo.” I travel a lot and everyone
loves it.

Furthermore, Bartz things the press unfairly singles out Yahoo:

“Why are you so cynical? Why not be cynical about fricking Google?”

Well, for starters, Google isn’t launching a $100 million ad campaign.

And the press isn’t the only group negative on Yahoo’s new ad message. A few tweets from the IAB conference: