Yahoo has attracted 1m visitors to its website as part of a promotion for The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn episode.

The multichannel campaign ran in partnership with Summit Entertainment, featuring a week of exclusive content, ads, promotions and a sweepstake to win a new Volvo. This culminated in a live stream of the red carpet at the film’s Los Angeles premiere on Yahoo Movies.

Yahoo says that the live stream attracted 1m visitors from 160 countries over two days, making it the largest audience for a movie premiere in the company’s history, double that of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 in 2010.

Bradley Moore, CEO of The Digital Tribe, said the campaign’s success needs to be viewed in context however, as Twilight’s audience are largely teenagers that tend to be more tech savvy – and used to viewing content online. This theory is backed up by statistics published on Mashable yesterday that say Twilight is setting records for the number of mobile tickets sold via Fandango.

Plus, you need to remember that audiences don’t segment things into channels, they just remember adverts, so you need to make sure you are getting these in front of them on different platforms”

Moore also said that Yahoo’s campaign allowed it to capture valuable market data that can be used in future campaigns.

By running the sweepstake Yahoo can capture fan data and offer a deeper level of experience in the future. It also means when the next movie comes out, it can hit those cookies and reignite the campaign. It’s about longevity.”

Yahoo’s campaign is yet another example of blurring lines between offline and online for content providers, following the news yesterday that Netflix has secured exclusive rights to release new episodes of TV show Arrested Development via its streaming service.