Yahoo! is reportedly testing a new professional social networking service that connects students with prospective employers.

Called Yahoo! Kickstart but still merely a concept, the site focuses around users’ CVs in the style of LinkedIn. It also offers companies the opportunity to create groups that students can join.

Yahoo! Kickstart (via CNET)

CNET reports that Yahoo! is currently conducting research surveys among  students to gauge their opinions on the site.

Yahoo! said:

“We’re continually checking the pulse on customer response to potential concepts on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes our research leads to the development of new product offerings, but not all concepts we research are formally developed and rolled out to our larger audience.”

Although the site might never make it to launch, and would be at a serious disadvantage if it did, it is a sign that Yahoo! is persevering in its attempts to become a big player in the space.

Pete Cashmore at Mashable writes:

“The only issue is that such a network would always be in the shadow of Facebook and LinkedIn: expect constant comparisons between the services if this is launched. The other issue: Facebook already has the social graphs of most college students: it’s much easier for them to dominate this space than a newcomer.”

TechCrunch recently reported that the company was working on another social networking service dubbed Yahoo! Mosh.