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Spotify recently rolled out the latest edition of its Wrapped year in review campaign, widely celebrated for its clever use of data to provide insight into listeners’ Spotify habits, both on an individual and a global level.

When Spotify began its Wrapped reviews, it was relatively unusual for opting to use data in this way. Through Wrapped, Spotify demonstrated its ability to use data to tell personalised stories about users’ years in music, as well as to extract pithy, funny insights about collective listening trends.

Spotify Wrapped has paved the way for a whole genre of ‘year in review’ data storytelling campaigns as brands look to replicate Spotify’s success in engaging users with their data and promoting social sharing and loyalty.

Not every brand has Spotify’s reams of user data, of course – but scale isn’t the most important factor in creating an effective Year in Review. Here are some of the key components of a Year in Review campaign that resonates, drawing on examples from brands such as Pasta Evangelists, Asda, Peloton, and AllTrails.

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