, the online listings site, is to allow advertisers to use its site on a pay-per-click basis. It will also introduce enhanced banner advertising.

Yell has already signed up a number of well-known brands for the new listings, including American Express motor insurance, Interflora, Swiftcover motor insurance and Hiscox house insurance.

The PPC ads on Yell will be embedded into the main search results page, and displayed above the standard listings.

The PPC results will only appear when the search is across a broad or non-specific location. Searches for companies or services in a particular town or postcode area will display only local results.

The new pay-per-click advertising is open to any company which serves the whole of the country, whether or not they are a well known brand.

Yell offers a range of options for advertisers, who can specify a budget, duration and a ‘daily intensity’ of advertising. Ad agencies will be offered 15% commission on all advertising.

According to Yell Head of Marketing Ian Bowen-Morris:

“The new product range makes it easy for national advertisers to reach users, and now also offers the same flexibility to smaller businesses.”

“In today’s marketplace businesses need demonstrable return on investment for their communications campaigns.”

Yell, which recently redesigned its website, has developed its new ad product with the help of Mirago, which offers ad platforms for a variety of media companies.