As a supplier of software for measuring the customer experience, I take heart from the plethora of commentators that stress the importance of delivering an improved customer experience as consumers tighten their belts.

Their actions, or lack of them, suggest that too many online companies do not believe this. Do you pass the test?

You don’t care for your online customers if …

  • You don’t make it easy for users to contact you if they have problems.
  • You don’t invest in usability.
  • You ignore the requirements of disability access and thereby exclude large numbers of customers.
  • Your site includes a feedback form but you don’t reply to customers within 24 hours.
  • You cannot link a customer’s activity on the web to the calls they make to you.
  • You don’t make it easy for customers to provide feedback.
  • You don’t minimise information required to register for information – why do you need anything other than an email?
  • You don’t use analytics data to identify weaknesses in your web site design.
  • You don’t use surveys to test customers’ perception of both the site and the broader aspects of the service you deliver.

Do yourself a favour and take customer care seriously. 84% of consumers say they consider the quality of customer care at least sometimes in their decision to do business with a company.

If you have your own examples of sites that, through their actions, display that they don’t care for their customers, add them as a comment.

David Jackson is the Managing Director of