Young people are now spending 10% more time online than in front of the box, according to a survey of European internet usage.

The European Interactive Advertising Association’s Mediascope survey also found growing web usage among silver surfers and women (12% and 8% respectively) compared to last year.

Other highlights include:

Web vs TV

  • Though 16-24 year olds are the only age group that use the web more than TV, the internet is closing fast across all age groups. 75% of all internet users go online more than 5 days a week, while 86% watch TV as regularly.

Top online activities

  • Search and email are the two most popular online activities, with 87% using search engines and 81% email. In third place is social networking, with 42% of internet users across the ten European countries visiting one at least monthly.

Type of websites used

  • News websites – visited at least once a month by 65% of web users.
  • Local information – 52%
  • Travel – 51%
  • Banking / finance – 50%
  • Music – 46%
  • Holidays – 46%
  • Price comparison sites – 44%
  • Tech sites – 41%
  • Films – 38%
  • Auction sites – 36%
  • Sports sites – 36%

Over 7,000 people in ten Western European countries were interviewed for the report, which has been published for the past five years.

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