All the best things we found online this week that we felt were okay enough (i.e. ‘not too offensive’) to share with the rest of our beloved readers.

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The cost of raising a Calvin

By ‘raising’ I mean the ‘damage inflicted on your home’ by the rambunctious little fantasist. 

Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science has surveyed every Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip from 1985 to 1995 to estimate just how much property damage Calvin committed over 10 years.

Total cost: $15,950.

Do we include any damage caused by his tiger friend Hobbes in that figure? Depends on what you believe.

Game of Thrones drinking game

Which is the thirstiest house? The mead-soused Starks? The ale-bloated Baratheons? Or is it Cersei Lannister’s single handed demolition of every bottle of red in the whole of King’s Landing?


Cosplay for today

As Matt Owen mentioned last week while filling in on round-up duty, I attended New York Comic Con last week (don’t tell my bosses, they thought I was at a programmatic round-table discussion).

Here are some of the more interesting things I witnessed:

It’s just Zangief from Street Fighter getting his comic book fix. Nothing weird about that.

The unhappiest turtle who ever met Chun-Li  

FYI: this is how much it cost to meet Xena Warrior Princess. Not that I… uh… did that or anything.

And this man made an entirely chain-mail Iron Man costume. Oh how he suffered.

“Who’s scruffy looking?”

Because you demanded it! (Yes YOU) here’s the sequel to the incredible fan-made Star Wars film from 2012 in which a host of amateur film-makers picked a 15 second segment of the original film and recreated it in their own bedroom/garage/Microsoft Paint. 

Not now Chewy

Finally, a sporting contest I can finally enter.

Ukulele revenge 

Not for the easily offended (contains surprising swears), this 30-second video shows one of the quickest and most dramatic personality changes outside of a Hulk-out.

Outrageous crime against food and common sense this week  

The Scotch egg burger. Barreling down your arteries like the boulder that chased Indiana Jones.

The Freewheelin’ foursome

Here’s a lovely, uplifting stop-motion animation from Sentio Space, charting the adventures of four cyclists as they make their way across Britain.

It makes a nice change of pace from the rest of the videos here featuring things like three hours worth of Game Boy start screens, not that anyone would actually bother to make that of course.

Three hours worth of Game Boy start screens in alphabetical order 

You may ask “what is the point of watching this?” To which I can only reply “you’re probably in the wrong place. Here’s a link to the new series of Waterloo Road”.

You hit me in the ear!

Best Reddit thread of the week goes to cjbny who discovered that, if you Photoshop the basketball out of NBA action shot photographs, it just looks like a bunch of people in uniforms trying to high five but can’t quite get it right.


Seth Rogen’s mum is on Twitter

It’s very easy to mock a parent’s use of social media, but with engagement like this… wow. Matt are you listening?

87 Bounces 

An errant basketball bounces around your favourite movies. It’s as stupid as it sounds but as it was made with so much care and attention it’s hard not to be charmed by it.

That’s your lot for this week. If you made it all the way through to the end, congratulations. The password is password.