JUMP LogoOn October 12th, Econsultancy will be welcoming over 1,000 marketers tJUMP, our Joined-Up Marketing and PR conference.

As part of the run up to the event, now in its second year, we asked
Twitter users to tell us about the problems they’ve faced when
attempting to run multichannel campaigns, using the #CometoJUMP hashtag.

As an incentive, we assembled a great package of prizes for the
most interesting or relevant tweet.

The results showed that marketers face a huge variety of challenges as
they try to track and optimise for customers who routinely interact
with multiple touchpoints both on and offline before purchasing. We also
uncovered recurring themes that may be slowing progression towards
fully integrated marcomms.

In addition to the winning tweet, I thought it would be enlightening to
run through ten of the best entries here and check out some
of the issues we’ll be covering at JUMP this year.

Before we get started, we’d like to take a moment to congratulate to our Grand prize winner Debi Cohen.

Debi is the Online Shop Manager at TATE, and will be the lucky recipient of a Lumix GF3 camera, free JUMP passes, Econsultancy platinum membership and more.

We felt that her tweet highlighted the difficulty of creating a uniform customer experience, and especially the challenges involved in creating dynamic content that works across platforms:

1:Fully integrated messaging about the online shop which joins up with all other organisational messages esp. offline on site – @dibdabdebi (Debi Cohen)

Creating universal content

Of course, creating content is only the first step.

Once you’ve released it into the wild many of you told us that tracking and analysing data can be a major stumbling block, with different channels showing returns at different rates, and measured against complicated and often unclear benchmarks:

2:Joining up online customer behavior with social media into actionable data – @karengriffith1

3:Biggest challenge to joined-up marketing – in enterprise – gaining visibility to ALL marketing activity with accurate ROI – @simonjhughes

4:Joined-up marketing challenge? 3rd party knowledge on the complexities of multi-channel data integration & management – @RichardMochor

Supporting multichannel

It also seems that many of you are having trouble resourcing for multichannel, with a number of companies still pursuing the silo model, or feeling that multichannel lacks value.

In addition, internal departments often find it hard to assign ultimate responsibility for campaigns, with channel expertise often spread across marketing and PR.

Given the complexity involved, it’s also often difficult to decide what returns you really want from multichannel, leading to single-track thinking and again, a fractured view of the overall campaign.

In short, it’s difficult to grasp a big picture that’s displayed in several frames:

5:The biggest challenge to joined up marketing: Time and resource and understanding from management that believe in print. – @MarkTBennett

6:True cust. focus championed from the top. Consistent key data input across data sources. TIME to review what we have + find gems – @berniefolan   

7:Digital crosses many disciplines & it’s easy to just think about the impact on yours. Challenge = Putting the customer first  – @PebbleTweets                                   

8:Biggest challenge for me is marketing structure and that different parties (internally & externally) want to do their own thing – @kate_rydings   

9:Increasing understanding between different disciplines and awareness of wider implications – @idle_bull

Getting the message out   

Despite these challenges, the number of companies actively pursuing a multichannel approach is increasing quickly, which is good news for customers, but can lead to other problems, perhaps best summed up by Georgette Priestly:

10: Biggest challenge to joined-up marketing is cutting through all that god damn noise! –@ROUNDandR3D

This is obviously just a tiny sample, but the problems mentioned popped up again and again as the competition progressed. Have you faced similar problems?  As usual we invite your responses in the comments.