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Hopeful to reel in the big brand, big bucks advertisers, YouTube is working on technology that would link up ads on its own site with spots on television, and even on other web sites.

Google’s director of television ads, Michael Steib, is reported by as saying the technology would allow
advertisers to buy ads across Google TV, which sells remnant inventory from on-air
commercials, YouTube, and video on other Web sites through a single
interface. Google TV Ads Online is reportedly being tested with a small group of advertisers and will bow within months.

It’s an interesting, and ambitious reach, particularly in view of the fact that Google Print just shuttered. The success, or failure, of integrating ads across channels will speak volumes about whether or not Mountain View remains an internet pure-play, or grows into an even bigger media behemoth. As the Journal correctly points out, ad formats for different size screens are variable. So is user experience and the potential to interact with ads on- and offline.