Today saw the launch of Zara’s first (and long awaited) e-commerce site in the UK and, for users of Google’s Chrome browser, it isn’t looking good, with error messages all over the site: 


Chrome may not be the most popular browser, but it is still used by up to 10% of web users, and has been growing market share rapidly, so this seems to be a major oversight. 

This is how it is supposed to look, viewed on Firefox: 


I first noticed this problem when I went to write a review of the site around 9am this morning, and three hours later, the errors are still there. At first I thought the whole site was broken, but it seems its just Chrome users who will see this. It appears to be OK in Firefox, though I did encounter a few errors on Safari. 

On Chrome, it’s a mess though. The image on the homepage doesn’t show, and there are error messages on every section of the site. 

Here’s the shopping basket page, not one likely to reassure customers thinking about making a purchase: 


Chrome is a popular enough browser, so companies launching new sites should be checking that it is compatible and there are no major issues for users. 

At the moment, any Chrome users are likely to think the site is completely broken and head elsewhere. By failing to account for Chrome, Zara is missing out on custom from up to 10% of web users. 

UPDATE: Since writing this post, I’ve checked again, and Zara seems to have fixed whatever issues it was having with the site, probably just to make me look stupid…