Zlio, the French startup which let its users set up DIY online shops, has announced that it has received $4m (£2m) in funding from Mangrove Capital Partners.

Users of Zlio can personalise and stock their shops from a choice of around 3m items. Affiliate commission is then earned on every sale referred from a Zlio shop.

Zlio launched in September 2006 by Jeremie Berrebi, ex founder of Net2one. It is currently operational in both the US and France, though Jeremie says that Zlio will launch a UK version this month.

Zlio is now attracting more than 2.5m unique users monthly, and its users have now created 100,000 shops, with many shopkeepers earning $750 (£372) per month on commission.

According to Mark Tluszcz of Mangrove Capital Partners:

“What Zlio is doing is reminiscent of the Tupperware phenomenon. By engaging with the individual, Zlio is bringing a social component to e-commerce, which I believe will help create the most important online sales force ever seen”

Zlio shopkeepers can choose goods from a range of online retailers, including Amazon and Buy.com, though Amazon recently prevented Zlio users from selling its products in the US.

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