French start-up Zlio, which enables site owners to set up their own online stores, is set to launch in the UK today.


The move will enable UK websites to plug products from etailers such as Tesco, M&S, HMV and Apple in return for commissions.

The service, which is already live in France and the US, has seen fairly rapid take-up – when we spoke to Zlio’s Ornella Nomber last April, it had around 60,000 ‘shopkeepers’, mostly in France.

According to Zlio, that has now grown to around 220,000 shops, mainly in France, and the company generated £6m in sales last year.

Zlio says its most successful affiliates are bringing in up to £1,500 in turnover per month – suggesting it’s mainly focused on the long tail of web publishers.  This shop, selling a range of chilli sauces, is a good example of this.

But it should have plenty more room for further expansion – affiliates generated over £3bn in sales for etailers last year, according to our recently published Buyer’s Guide.

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