Zlio is a new service that allows you to create and personalise your own online shop, choose your stock from a range of online retailers and earn affiliate commission on sales.

It is nice and simple to use, and you can have a range of products for sale very quickly. After a brief registration process you can start adding products.

You make money by sharing the commission on the sales you refer with Zlio – when a customer clicks on a product in your store, they are offered the option of buying the product from a range of Zlio’s merchant partners.

Zlio has a good range of merchants to choose your products from, with 75 from France and 25 from the US, including Amazon and Buy.com.

The service launched in the US recently, with a UK version planned shortly.

We talked to Ornella Nomber of Zlio to find out a little more…


Can you summarise how Zlio works?

You just need a few minutes to create your Zlioshop. You choose a shop name, pick a template, then start adding products. You can choose from the product catalogues of our partners, which includes Amazon, Ice.com, Buy.com and others.

Then, whenever a product is sold on the partner website through your Zlioshop, you earn commission.

You will need to attract Internet users by customizing your shop, giving advice on the products you sell, promoting it throughout the Internet (as you did for your blog).


How did the idea for Zlio come about?

We wanted to launch a Tupperware like system on the Internet. Every customer can become a reseller very easily. On Zlio, you are not selling only plastic boxes but every kind of products.

Zlio has been founded by Jeremie Berrebi, a famous French internet serial entrepreneur.


How many are in the Zlio team?

Eight people, but we are now hiring more people in Israel and the US.


How many users does Zlio.com have? Are the users mostly in France?

More than 60,000 Zlioshops have been created. Most of them have been created by French users – around 50,000. The reason for this disparity is that our service was launched in the US two months ago while it was launched in France last September.


How do I make money if I use your service? Could you explain the commission structure?

On our French website, two business models are available – CPA, where you earn commission on every sale, and CPC, where you earn money on every click that leads from your Zlioshop to a partner’s website.

For the time being, only the CPA model is available for US users, but the CPC one will be available very soon.


Who do you see as your competitors?

We have 2 competitors but our market positioning is very unique. Chitika, with its Shoplinc product, is dedicated to websites and blogs that want to add a shop (Zlio is dedicated also to people who don’t have a website at all). Amazon aStore is selling only Amazon products and its customisation features are also very simple.


What is the benefit of using your service over an Amazon shop?

30 merchants, a comparison price system integrated into each product page and a lot of customisation features.


How is Zlio funded?

Zlio is funded by its three founders and will very soon close a new first fundraising round.


How has the US launch gone so far?

We’re very satisfied by the number of new users who sign up to our service every day. But we’re still improving the service – adding new merchants, new features, and soon the CPC model – and we’re convinced we’ll attract even more users in the next few months.


What’s planned in the next 12 months for Zlio?

Opening the service in the UK and more countries, very big partnerships with big social networks & communities, and a lot of new shops.