Property website recently released an iPhone app which aims to be the most comprehensive of its kind, providing data on sold house prices and valuations, as well as properties for sale or rent.

The Rightmove iPhone app already does a very good job of providing property listings for mobile users, so I’ve been seeing how the new Zoopla app compares…

Zoopla app

Homepage / property search

The homepage offers a variety of options, and users can search for properties for sale or rent, as well as values or prices for houses sold locally. 

These results can be displayed in list form, or via Google maps, together with an average house value for the area:

Since the app makes use of augmented reality, you can also use the camera to see results near your current location: 

Filtering options

Some searches will return large numbers of results, many of which will be irrelevant, so the filter provided is useful to create the parameters for your search and make sure the results are relevant. 

The filter options are decent, but the search radius function, which is provided on the Rightmove app, would have been useful. 

Property values

This is a feature that the Rightmove app doesn’t provide, and it is useful for people looking to see if the house they are looking at is reasonably priced, and is also useful if you’d like to know how much your neighbours’ houses are worth: 

Property pages

The property pages are well designed, and provide plenty of information, depending on the level of detail provided in the estate agent’s listing. Users can view multiple photos of properties, locations can be viewed on Google Maps, while there are links to email and request details or call the agent. 


This is a very well designed app, with a clear and easy to navigate user interface. There are some very useful features, and it compares well with the Rightmove app.